Mark Henry Phillips is a NYC-based composer and sound designer for films, commercials and podcasts.

He wrote the original score for the first season of Serial. The last two films he scored (Hold On and Bayard and Me) will premiere at Sundance this January. Phillips was also the sound designer on sonically rich films like Academy-Award nominated Cutie and the Boxer, Ballet 422 and Teenage. And he was the producer, editor, sound designer, and composer on his latest project, Homecoming – a scripted narrative podcast starring Catherine Keener, Oscar Isaac, David Schwimmer, and Amy Sedaris.

Phillips attended NYU and has lived in New York City ever since. He worked as a public radio producer and reporter for over 7 years but eventually left his position at NPR’s On the Media to pursue his love of music and film. Phillips’s skills as a composer, producer, sound engineer and journalist work together in a complementary way that give him a unique ability to tell story through sound.

Phillips is also the sole member of the indie-pop band Sono Oto whose latest album will be released this March. He lives in Brooklyn with his dog Lucy.