Scored Two Films Premiering at Sundance 2017

I’m very excited that two films I scored – HOLD ON and BAYARD AND ME – will premiere at Sundance this January.

HOLD ON is a new short narrative from Christine Turner (You Can Go). It’s a touching story of a grandson taking care of a grandmother suffering from dementia. The two characters are essentially in different worlds and I tried to create music that helps the viewer see things from the grandmother’s confused perspective.

BAYARD AND ME is a new short film by the super-talented documentarian Matt Wolf (Teenage, Wild Combination, I Am Rebel…). The film is essentially a love story about civil rights activist Bayard Rustin and his boyfriend Walter Naegle. Rustin was a mentor to Martin Luther King Jr. and a respected civil rights leader. In a time when gay marriage was still inconceivable, he and Naegle came up with a creative alternative in Rustin actually adopting Naegle.

Like all of his films, Wolf uses amazing archival footage from the era (the 1970s) mixed with with film and photos of  Rustin and Naegle to capture everything from their serendipitous meeting to Bayard’s death. I tried to create a score that matched the feel and texture of those images so I used a lot of acoustic guitars through an old reel-to-reel tape player to add hiss and warble. For the more historical moments I used strings and drones to capture the historical weight of the story